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Category: Facts

Life on planet earth is dependent upon the power from the solar. The solar’s power is throughout us …in all places. We simply cannot at all times see it. The solar strikes by house, bringing us alongside on a gravitational leash — giving off energy in all instructions. We obtain about 1/200 millionth of its […]

Coal, Oil and Gasoline are known as “fossil fuels” as a result of they’ve been shaped from the fossilized stays of prehistoric vegetation and animals. • Fossil fuels are a nonrenew

A windmill is a machine that converts the vitality of the wind into different, extra helpful types like mechanical vitality. Early windmills have been designed to grind grain and pump water. In a whil

There are such a lot of attention-grabbing details about biofuels. A few of these details are listed beneath; Biofuels are nothing new. In truth, they have been round so long as automobiles have. Henry Ford initially designed the Mannequin T to run on ethanol. And folks have been working diesel engines on vegetable oil for […]
There are such a lot of attention-grabbing info about geothermal vitality. A few of these info are listed under; Geothermal vitality has been used for bathing since Paleolithic occasions and for house heating since historical Roman occasions, however it’s now higher identified for electrical energy technology. Worldwide, 11,400 megawatts (MW) of geothermal energy is on-line […]
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