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5 Reasons Why You Should Have A Green Wedding

green wedding reasons
Listed below are the best five reasons why you should have a green wedding;

  1. Green weddings save you money and cut stress:
    Green weddings done wrong can cost way more than traditional weddings. However, a green wedding done perfectly should cost considerably less than other weddings. Consumer Affairs notes that the average wedding racks up $25,000 of debt for newlyweds and that 80% of couples say, “money” is their prime source of stress from the wedding.
    Why go there? Green weddings done right mean you buy less, focus more on real meaning vs. bling and get lower costs and stress all at the same time.
  2. Green weddings afford you the possibility making a difference for the earth:
    Weddings overall are such huge events that they allow for real, significant opportunities to either one, make the world a little better or two, make it a whole lot worse. Resources such as materials, energy, water and more can be splurged on or conserved. Pollution can be reduced (or increased). Your choices add up as beneficial for the planet as a whole or you can make choices that use too many resources and create a negative impact. Which sort of wedding would you like to remember?
  3. Green is beautiful and unique:
    Green weddings by nature just seem so much prettier than typical weddings. The dresses, the flowers, the creativity behind cool eco-friendly wedding decor – it’s all so lovely. Pictures speak better than words though – check out these amazing green weddings to see just how gorgeous green really is.

  4. Educate all your friends and family at once:
    Your wedding is one of the few times all your best friends and family will be together, in the same place, at the same time. This is a huge chance to teach everyone a thing or two about green living. Sure you can talk to your family about making smart green choices at any time of the year, but imagine the impact an entire green event will
  5. Start a healthy life together:
    If for no other reason, green weddings rock because they’re healthy. Organic food, lower stress, less pollution and all the other perks mentioned above are not only green, but ultimately more healthy for you, your soon-to-be spouse, your future kiddos and the earth. There’s no better way to say you love someone than with a heaping dose of healthy living – green weddings offer you this and more.healthy
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